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    Im just trying to find out what the deal is with the Red Snagging in Seward. Are there boundries that mark where you can snag near the Res River. I also heard from some people that there is a date when you can actually snag in the river for the reds. I didnt think you could freshwater snag anywhere. Im not really into snagging but there where alot of people snagging in that river last year. I just want to find out what the deal is. I know that you can fish for silvers in the river south of seward highway and south of nash road. But what about the reds and snagging?

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    Snagging in freshwater is illegal. The Resurrection River downstream of the Seward Highway and Nash Road is open only from August 1 - December 31 (primarily for coho). Limit is 3 salmon per day, 3 in possession, of which only two may be coho.

    Snagging is legal in salt water, unless prohibited by area regulations.(Snagging is NOT legal at any time in Cook Inlet north of a line extending west from Anchor Point, or in Kachemak Bay from January 1 - June 23).

    The stream mouth (to define freshwater) means the downstream point defined as a straight line running from the most downstream extremity on one stream bank to the downstream extremity on the other stream bank, or a point defined and marked by ADF&G.


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      snagging in fresh water in Seward

      One question for you since you seem to know the regs on this subject. What about snagging at that waterfall? That must be a special case because in September people were pulling up in their cars and jerking six out in 15 minutes with those huge snagging hooks, it was like people pulling into a Holiday convenience store and leaving it was so quick, and that was definitely fresh water.
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        No special case has been made for the waterfall area. Snagging in freshwater is illegal.


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          watch it!

          I don't know the rules but I can tell you that we have a very enthuiastic fisha nd wildlife enformant officer in town so much sure you are legal or he will write you a ticket. I would suggest calling him before going out.



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            good idea

            I second that. Like I said people were doing it all day like it was legal, traveling from anchorage doing it, locals, it was apparently very routine. The waterfall, well it's a 100% artificial stocked run, zero spawning, and not much of a chance of any real fishing there since the thing is what, 100 feet long to the salt water--so the fish make a 100 foot run up the creek and that's it. It seemed a little too routine to be outlaws doing it. Also in my opinion the fish didn't look in too good of shape to keep. But anyway, probably a good idea to call anyway.
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              I found out that there is an exception for that pool below the falls and that it is legal to snag there. There should be a sign posted near or under the bridge that indicates the area is open to snagging. Since the fish are all stocked, ADF&G wants them all harvested.


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