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Deep Creek Tractor Launch

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  • Deep Creek Tractor Launch

    Hi all -

    Does anyone know the phone number for the tractor launch at Deep Creek? Also any tips on launching or things to look for or be aware of? Parking, fees, tricks of the trade?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Tractor launch info

    Go here...has all the information for Deep Creek and Anchor Point tractor launches...


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      Thanks fishing guy!


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        Make sure you have side boards on your tralier or the will not launch you. I'd use the long bunk boards instead of posts. Put a nice crease in my bow with a post a couple weeks ago. Nothing a hammer wouldn't cure....gotta love aluminum!!!


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          Thanks for the advise guys. Ouch on the boat Matt! Yeah I've got the long bunk boards. Came with the trailer and they worked great. Ofcourse it was flat azz calm, sunny and 65 degrees. Sorry. Couldn't catch a king but got into the butt. The launch is great except for the $45 it costs!!! Anyway, other than that they did a great job.


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              The $45 is worth it. Don't know if they will increase this year. Some tips; make sure you pump the trailer jack full of grease or you get a bunch of silt in there and it won't be any good after a few trips, have a cellphone or cb to call the tractor to pick you up, it can be a zoo on nice calm sunny days.


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                Originally posted by akfishinguy View Post
                Go here...has all the information for Deep Creek and Anchor Point tractor launches...
                I only get a "GO Daddy" web site ad with nothing about the tractor launch at this site?


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                  Deep Creek launch

                  Anchor Point, new number to be determined, Launch is out for bid thru the state right now. I think the notification will be at the end of this week as to whom it was awarded to.


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                    Ok thanks folks


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