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  • State Parking Pass

    Several people have mentioned to me that the state charges a parking fee at a number of the popular fishing and recreation sites in Alaska. Not sure whether they're referring to state parks or not.

    However, from what I gather, a year-long parking pass is available for $20 to $30. This certainly seems like a better option compared to shelling out $5 to $10 per to wet a line at the latest hot spot.

    This summer, I plan to fish around Anchorage, Parks Highway and Kenai Penninsula. Is there a fee to park at places like Hope, Bird Creek, Montana Creek, Eklutna Tailrace, Russian River, Homer Lagoon, etc.? If so, would the pass cover most of these spots?

    Bottomline: Would it be wise to purchase a pass or is there limited applicability in the areas that I'm most interested in? Also, where are these passes sold?

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    the parking pass works at the state run sites only. I thinks the p[rice for the parking pass is $40 this year. You can get it at REI or Sportsmans warehouse. You can usually also get them from the campground hosts, I have done that a couple of times. The thing to remember is that this won't cover the camping. They used to sell the camping pass for $100 but stopped doing it a couple of years ago. They said they were loosing too much money with it.

    The state parking pass works at these spots: Willow Creek (at the mouth), Kasilof, Bings, Deep creek, Ninilichik and I think Bird Creek. There are others, but I can't think of them right now.

    Here are some of the popular places that the parking pass doesn't work. Montana Creek (private campground), Russian River & Quartz Creek (national park).

    I usually get the pass every year. It ends up being cheaper in the long run. Just think, you only need to use it 8 times. It is also nice to pull in and if the fishing is no good, yuo haven't forked out $5 to find out there are no fish.

    Here are a couple links for you


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      Also, you can get two passes for $60. My wife and I both got one, and I know two friends that went in together on two. Not a bad deal for $30. You can also use it for hiking/biking areas such as Eklutna, Bird Ridge, Glenn Alps, etc.



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        Parking pass doesnt work at Little Su off Pt Mckenzie either...


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          Thanks to all for the informative replys. This is most helpful.

          Sounds like a person can't go wrong buying a season pass. The two for $60 offer sounds like a great deal, so will ask a friend to go in on that with me


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            FYI - The two season parking pass deal is restricted:

            *Second pass discount for same family at same address only.


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              Get the pass! All the shore spots on the Kenai (ok most) are state parking lots. I end up chasing the fish during the summer, driving from Morgan's to Bings, to Centennial etc, and before I wised up it got expensive!! Now with gas the price it is you don't want to throw money away just to walk down to the river, talk to a couple people and find out the fish aren't there.


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