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  • Ninilchik launch

    I was wondering if someone could tell me where & if its possible to launch a zodiac out of Ninilchik or deep creek with out using the tractor. Its 16fter on a boat trailer so its a bit to heavy to just pick up & take on & off.
    Or is it possible to float one of the creeks out ? However I would think this way you would be more dependent on the tides & that doesn't always work out when you want to launch or need to come in.

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    yep, no problem.

    Hi Marmot.
    I wouldnt count on the creeks, way too much work and folks there. No problem at all with an ocean launch-no tractor needed. Just back into the surf and unload-dont forget the hip waders. Four wheel drive is needed on the beach in the rocks.
    I did it last weekend, no worries at all. The Avon hauled home some king and halibut flesh too.
    Lots of rafts at Deep Creek last weekend. It felt like a hypalon brotherhood out there! A few PVC rogues out there too. We forgive them.
    Proud to be an American!


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      You Can Also Launch For Free Out Of The Ninlichik Harbor Or Beach At High Tide Just Duck If You Launch Out Of The Harbor You Will Have Lures And Roe Flying All Around You


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