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  • Kodiak in September

    My buddies and I are planning a trip to Alaska in late August/Early September. Specifically, we are looking at arriving August 30th and departing September 7th. Much of what I read says that mid-September is the peak for the silver run. Can an experienced angler tell us realistically what we can expect during this time period. We are targeting silvers and are planning on fishing the road system. Thanks!

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    the only place I've been on Kodiak at that time of year is on the Buskin River, right outside of town. You can only fish up at the mouth of the river and there are LOTS of fish in that river. When the tide comes in there are also a lot of people. Occasionally bears will be around. You'll have a great experience.


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      Thanks! I know that we are going to be there just a bit before primetime but we'll try and make it work.


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        Mining Kodiak's silvers...

        ADF&G opens all streams beyond highway bridges on the Road System for silvers on September 15th. Your timing is early, and you will be limited to fishing for silvers downstream from highway bridge crossings to the mouth of the river or stream.

        You will still have opportunity if you watch the tides and follow the fish as they come in. And don't forget your charter excursion. You can nail them at sea along with the other bottom species and that opportunity is highly recommended due to your timing...

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          I have been to at similar period.

          I guess it will be a little bit early for silver. In my experience, I recommend you to go to American River. It takes only 15 or 20 minutes from the downtown to the river. Some silvers will be there. This year is even year, so you can expect a lot of pinks also waiting for you.


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            Thanks for the information. We want to move our trip back but are sort of caught in this timeframe because our friend in Alaska (who we are staying with) is leaving on the 13th of September. If not for that we would try to work our trip around the road system September 15th date.


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