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I need a versatile GPS for water ways and hunting

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  • I need a versatile GPS for water ways and hunting

    Ok, I need a GPS that will get me along the coast line, the Yukon river and the western parts of Alaska. It needs to be waterproof, large enough memory to add stuff onto it, and maybe even be a VHF radio!!!! I've seen em, but, I do not know the exact software to get....I'll be living in golovin, so, i'll be hitting the ocean at times, then going caribou hunting in the mountains all the way towards kaltag, and then maybe floating the yukon river....

    help! I'm leaving pretty soon and i gotta make a decision!
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Garmin 76

    Check out the garmin 76 models. They are able to load the Bluechart, (ocean and navigable waterways) and Topo maps of the state.
    Works great running rivers, flying, snowmachining, hunting, etc...
    Its waterproof, easy to use, and reasonably priced.
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