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  • Hidden Lake, What Lures for Lakers

    After the weeken crowd leaves the wife and I will be spending a few days at Hidden Lake on the Skilak Loop Rd on the Kenai Peninsula. What types of lures should I fish with in hopes of getting one of them lunkers of a Lake Trout? Some good places to fish on that lake would be useful as well.


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    It's been awhile since I've fished Hidden L., but I have good luck for laker's with Canadian Wonder's (silver/brass) and Flatfish (frog pattern, yellow/red and white/red have done well for me) this time of year and in the fall as well, I flat-line both naked. Later in the summer I fish with a leadhead jig w/plastic's of different type's and color, white seems to be a consistent producer, try tipping your jig with a chunk of herring or other bait as well. With the jig's start at the bottom and work your way to the top until your find the depth their at. Laker's will eat almost anything, do alot of experimenting with lure's/bait and color. The lure's I mentioned are just a couple of the many lure's I use in for fishing laker's.

    Making me hungry for a laker shore lunch with fried spud's & onion's and can't forget the green's too!


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