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Clothing for late July early August

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  • Clothing for late July early August

    I'm going on a once in a lifetime fishing trip to Alaska July 27 to August 8. We plan on doing some halibut fishing and also plan on silvers in Willow at Ron's cabins. What kind of weather should I plan on? Jeans? shorts? short sleeve shirts, long sleeve?
    I already have neoprene waders so I dont care how cold the water is but what else should I be thinking of bringing. Chamois Shirts? GoreTex raingear? Polartec jacket? I have been cold all my life here in NH but would like to be reasonable comfortable while fishing but not overdressed.

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    Yes, do all that. It can get wet and cool out on the water. No matter when we go for halibut, jeans, t shirt and a sweatshirt are minimum. You can always take off but you can't put on if you don't have it. There are times we include jackets becasue you just never know. Also, plan for rain although at that time of the year chances are not as great as in other times. While silbver fishing, make sure you take repellent, the bugs aare out in force so far this summer, at least where I've been.


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      clothes for AK outdoors

      stay away from cotton. Nylon drys rabidly and makes a great base layer in the summer. A Polar fleece jacket and good rain gear are immportant as well.


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        Clothing for late July.

        Bill S is right. Especially, when fishing halibut. I remember I felt cold when fishing it on the board at the mouth of Cook Inlet. You can take off your clothes anytime when you feel hot. I am going to fish in Kenai River in late July, too. I will take Goretex rain gear and a warm vest. If you fish while standing in the river for a long time, a neoprene wader is must. Good luck !


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