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Reds in Kenai

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  • Reds in Kenai

    When will the reds start up the Kenai going to the Russian ? And how long does it last from the Mouth to the sterling bridge ?Thanks for any help

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    reds in the kenai

    The reds will hit the russian river around the middle of june.


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      I realise the russian opens the 11th of June .But when do the reds start up the kenai going there it has to be sometime early june to get all the way to russian .So I guess what I am asking is when will the Reds be on the cook inlet side of kenai river by the streling highway bridge ?


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        I remember when i use to fish the russian back when there wasn't a time frame to start or stop,anyhow it wasn't uncommen to catch reds by the first week of june,not in great numbers but plenty of fish around to catch.....
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          Thank you for your help.


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            There Is Probably Already Some Reds Moving Into The Lower Kenai I Have Caught Them As Early As June 4th Near Soldotna And The Moose River, The Problem Is That Fishing The First Run In The Lower River Is Its Difficult To Predict When A Batch Of Fish Will Be Swiming By The Place You Are Fishing, First Of All This Run Is Significantly Smaller In Numbers Then The Second Run, So Detecting The Fish Moving Up River In A Large River Like The Kenai With Low Visibility Makes It Almost Impossible To Visually See The Fish, What I Used To Do Is When I Would Be King Fishing From The Bank In Early June, I Would See An Occasional Fish Jump Or I Would Inadvertanly Snag Or Bump A Red With My Pixie While Casting For Kings, Then I Knew A Batch Of Reds Was Moving Through, Usually The Batches Were Few And Far Between Sometimes Hours Or Days You Never Could Really Tell Unless You Were On The River Like 20 Hours A Day Which I Was And These Fish Don't Stick Around They Move Fast Upriver Sometimes Making It All The Way To The Russian In 3 Days, My Advice Unless You Got Lots Of Free Time To Waste Losing Gear And Looking At The Water For A Red To Roll Or Bump Your Line, Wait Until They Make It To The Russian

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