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  • Kwethluk in August

    Four of us are floating the Kwethluk for two weeks in mid to late August. We floated the Kanektok during the same time frame last year and had a blast.

    Anyone floated the Kwethluk and can give us some pointers?

    This is an even numbered year so it's a "humpy year" on the Kwethluk. What can we expect with that? What condition will they be in during that time frame?

    Any other comments?


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    Floating the Kwethluk in August

    Your timing is generally excellent – The freshest Silver Salmon will be packing the flat water locale of the river... Look to target aggressive, bright Silvers in grassy backwaters (use anything weighted pink or pink/purple… also strip big pink stuff in a fairly long drawn out motion, but also in quickly somtimes for top water action – watch right up to your feet... many will take just as you bring your rod tip up and are thinking your retrieve is over and done with - do not pause tho'!). Rainbows for the most part are representative sized (not overly huge) and lots of fairly typical Grayling.

    Watch the river banks closely sticking to the most prevalent branch particularly if the river is at high to flood water levels.

    The float itself is pretty easy & undemanding as far as boating (unless you twist yourself on what I’ll call a "treed branch")

    A Jet boat pick-up is noteworthy for logistics... know the spot - stick to the time. GPS is good due to featureless landscape and multiple pick-up points. If you decide against this have a reliable kicker along. The lower-lower river barely moves, fishing falls off considerably, and snakes back & forth… kinda boring and makes for a long row!!! Optimize your time on the upper river for wilderness and then capitalize on the grassy flat waters for hammering Silvers.

    Best wishes on your trip -

    Side note and likely who you’ll be going in with –
    Steve Williams ("Ptarmigan Air" Anchorage & Papa Bear in Bethel) sold out partnership to partner Carl and Carl's brother Steve. Papa Bear still has 1 Beaver & 1 cub plus the float trip outfitting & lodging. That will help you a bit on outlining logistics. They have good equipment, have been reliable in the past, and are familiar with the area.

    Brian Richardson


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      Kwethluk in August

      Thanks Brian,

      We used Steve (Papa Bear) last year when we floated the Kanektok. I have nothing but good things to say about his operation.



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