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  • Kenai Silver Questions

    Hey all,

    Ive been watching the old forum for some time now... Lots of great information that ive viewed....

    Being a texas native, ive never done any salmon fishing... Down here we fish for redfish and speckled trout mostly....

    My girlfriend and I are headed up for 10 days of fishing and driving.. We are renting an RV out of anchorage..

    Im just trying to inquire as to what the best lures are for silvers in september.... We are trying to put together a tackle pack now... Also, whats the best size rods to use for silvers.

    Most of our rods are either custom 7ft baitcasters or Matched with shimano 50mg or curado reels....

    My girlfriend can not throw a spinning rod . So we have to bring baitcasters.

    Please give me some ideals guys.


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    Tackle for silvers


    You are definitely on the right track with the tackle... Your rods/reels are probably fine. I use an 8.5' 8-17# Lamiglas rod with Ambassadeur 6500 reels spooled with 15# test for silvers and fish bait behind a pyramid weight on a slider (3 or 4 oz depending on the current). You could use a corkie, spin-n-glow, or cheater in front of the bait if you wish to give a bit more action/attraction.

    Some days the hardward works better than bait. In those cases, look for a Vibrex or Pixie. This is where a spinning reel will be a bit easier for casting.

    There are many areas to find silvers in September. I fish on the Kenai River and do quite well. The September fish are a bit bigger than August.. we've caught fish up to 18 pounds+ on the Kenai... Also look at the Kasilof, and lower peninsula streams/rivers.

    The Mat-Su Valley also has excellent silver fishing in the fall. So, just about anywhere you choose, you should be able to find fish.

    Good luck,


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      Texxan1 - If you are planning to use lures, alaskanfishguides hit it right on the head. Nothing beats Vibrax spinners on Pixee spoons. Cast them upstream and allow them to sink. They need to be retrieved near the bottom. If you fish high in the water column the only action you will see is snagged fish and they have to be put back. I have been fishing the Kenai for silvers for 30 years now and if I could have only one lure it would be a #4 vibrax in silver.

      HYave a great trip, maybe we'll see you on the river.


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        Thanks Guys

        Ok..> Ive heard several times pixies mentioned.... First off, what in the world is a pixie... A spoon correct.... ive already got some vibrax spinners...

        I just want to make sure we have an assortment for our trip.... Im sure we will bring our baitcasters.... I know that using my laguna i can cast farther with a light spoon than i can with a spinner... So that will work good....

        any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.... We are not new to fishing, just fishing in AK.....


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          Another question.... What colors are best etc, when it comes to pixies and vibrax

          I keep seeing the talk about single hooks or trebles etc... I understand some parts of the kenai you can only use singles and some you can use both.. So would it be best to just get singles



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            Spoons and Spinners etc.

            I too (long ago) was a Texan, I dont recall seeing Pixies in tackle shops down there. Dont think they get too much use in your waters. Vibrax I think are every where as they are top producers on many different types of fish. As mentioned, all siver is a good choice, but gold, blue, green and bubble gum pink work good as well. BTW You can always get your tackle up here. Wal Mart, Fred Meyer carry a good assortment. If you are doin the Kenai, you MUST visit Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna. They carry LOTS of fishing gear at pretty awesome prices.
            As for treble or single hooks, CHECK THE REGS WHEN YOU GET HERE! And seems like most places that sell the stuff, have em in packs that include a single Siwash hook, that can easily be swapped for the treble, if single hook is required.

            Hope your trip is awesome!
            Heck, you might even do as I did and MOVE UP! (better come for a visit in January tho.....put things in perspective :-)

            Tight lines!



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              Kenai silvers

              I have never see pixies in any stores I have visited here in Texas. I fortunately have an Alaska tackle box that I have had for close to 20 years full of them. While I lived up there I took a trip to Valdez and when the tide went out they were hanging everywhere from broken off snags and I collected dozens of them.


              Shoot me a pm with your address, I will be glad to send you a handful. You may have to replace a few hooks but based on regs etc you may have to do that anyway with any you purchase. I have gear I keep up there with a friend in Sterling so these here at home I do not really need.



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