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  • Spearfishing Halibut!

    Hello all,

    I was born and raised in alaska, but have been living out of state for a while now. Over the last several years I've been returning periodically, and, among other things, attempting to spearfish large halibut. So far my efforts have been in the realitively shallow, and clear, waters of PWS around salmon runs.

    In a few weeks I will be coming up to give it another shot. This time I'm looking to try and find halibut out of Seward or Homer in shallow kelp beds. This is a new approach for me, and I don't have any spots identified yet. Does anyone have any reccomendations on spots to try? Ideally, the water would need to be 60ft deep or less, with at least enough clarity to see 8-10ft.

    Andrew Burcham

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    Andrew - How have you done out of PWS? I have a couple of bays where I have caught halibut in 20-40 feet of water that friends have done some diving in, but I haven't given it a shot with a spear gun yet. Also, do you hook the spear to a buoy on the surface, or do you hold on for the ride? I've speared fish in the 10-15 pound range in Mexico, and some of them fought pretty hard. I can't imagine holding onto a 60 pound halibut. I know some people connect to buoys...what's your method?



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      Brian, thanks for the reply.

      I use a pretty hefty gun with a 3/8" shaft and a detachable head. The shaft has about 20ft of 400lb mono shootingline, which connects to 100ft of 1/4 or 3/8 poly. The poly is terminated to a large lifeguard float that has been filled with closed cell foam.

      If I was really expecting to get into some 100+lb fish, I would probably add another buoy.

      I have yet too see a halibut in the water up there (though I get them down here in California). I've managed to shoot red and silver salmon in the salt water at a couple spots in PWS. It's been some time, so I've forgotten most of the place names. Jackpot bay was one place that worked out recently, and I got some salmon at Shuyak island too.

      If you have some productive spots in PWS to reccomend, I'm all ears. I have float plane access, so getting there is pretty easy.



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