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  • All around Fly rod?

    I have a friend that is new to fishing for salmon. He wants to be able to land kings and still be able to catch reds and silvers later this summer. What weight and brand would be good. Specifics would be helfpfull. I don't own a fly rod yet and have little knowledge of what would suite him best. I figure a 10 wt would probably be best for kings but not sure if it is too much for reds and silvers.

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    All around flyrod

    Well, its like anything else - one size doesn't really do it all but if I had to get a salmon rod for kings, reds, and silvers, it would probably be an 8 or 9 weight. I wouldn't spend the big bucks on one of high end rods like a sage and go w/ something moderately priced.



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      I'd probably go with a 10 wt. for an all around salmon rod. Sure, it's a bit overkill on the reds & silvers but a 10 will handle Kings nicely and give you enough rod to do the job right. I've landed Kings on 8 wts. before but didn't feel like I had enough rod. I think the perfect solution would be two rods - a 10 for kings and 7/8 for reds/silvers. Just my .02


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        My 10wt is perfect for kings, I wont use it for other salmon though. I prefer a challenge with a ligther weight flyrod. 6-8wt isnt too bad for a trout/salmon flyrod.


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          Fly rod

          thanks for the info guys. I would like him to have a 10 wt for kings, but he will probably get more use out of an 8 wt rod. I will just have to coach him on landing a king if he hooks one. I have broken three spinning rods on salmon by pulling them up on the bank. They were all silvers also. Bad habit that I will have to avoid teaching him.


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            #10 for a king and #8 for a chum and a red

            #10 is a good one for a kingsalmon, besides Kenai King. It demands #12.
            #8 is enough for a chum and a red. You can also fish a red by #6, but it depends on rod quality. If you go fishing with someone, he will help you land.
            Good luck!


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              10 wt

              I agree with Sketch. Go with a 10wt. You will land the fish faster with a 10 wt. This is better for the fish if you are fishing catch and release. You will also keep your fish "under control" better which is nice for the people around you. Just one opinion
              Good luck


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                Go with a 10 especially if you will be combat fishing. No one wants to watch a person play a fish.
                Buy a rod with a good warranty cause up here it is only a matter of time before it snaps.


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                  I also agree, if you only want ONE rod then I would go with a 10wt. You won't have much of a challenge with reds on a 10wt but it should handle a king unless he's a 95 lber!!


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