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    I went out to Roosevelt Lake off the Denali highway about 12 years ago and remember it was a great place to fish and camp. Has anyone been out there recently, can you still get out there. I almost remember how I got there last time! I have a friend coming up this year and thought it would be a great place to camp and fish for a day. Thanks for any advice or information offered. Caribou-man

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    heard last year the culvert by valdez creek was washed out, that is a pretty fun lake for fishing when we were there a couple of years ao the water in Roosevelt seemed to be down qite a bit also right next to it was a smaller lake were it seemed you catch more grayling then trout, used to work up there at valdez creek gold mine and when they shut down they divered (sp) part of valdez creek into one of the pits and made a pretty good size lake, also the mouth of wendy creek is good for grayling, if I can fiqure out how to post a picture this should look Familiar, were the truck is parked it used to be water
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      Thanks summitx

      Yes, that does look familiar except your right when I was there there was no exposed ground like that. I hope I can get out there and show my friend, we caught some nice graylings ou tof there plus it is a beautiful spot.


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        Would someone mind giving me some more specific directions to Roosevelt lake? We'll be driving up to Denali from Seward next Thursday and we were looking for a good stop off spot to do some fishing.

        Thanks in advance. Searching this site has helped up prepare for our first AK trip coming up Saturday. We can't wait.



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