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  • Kasilof

    Looking for a report on the Kasilof, I'm heading down on Tuesday.
    Bob, how did you do today?
    Hike faster. I hear banjo music.

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    Was out there all day yesterday floating it. Pretty slow all around. We personally saw four fish netted and a few other take downs. My buddy caught a ride back to his truck with a guide who said that it seemed to get continually slower since the bait opener on th 16th. One boat at the pull out had two real nice fish, so it wasn't totally dead for everybody. Hopefully this larger tide series will help bring more fish into the system.


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      Pretty much the scoop in the last post ... fish aren't here yet in any sort of numbers. Pretty typical though and coming off the next set of big highs will likely be the kick-off ... no worrying until after that point. Just one king and a steelhead for us today, saw three others from the rest of the crowd. Ninilchik catches have been seeing improvement this week, so that's hopefully a good sign.


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        An update with a little silver lining ... although not quite as much as we'd like to see. Things seem to be slowly improving ... a few more fish with each tide it appears.

        We hooked four the night before last on the tide ... reports from the morning boats yesterday seemed to show a few more fish scattered around. Last night I had two fellas out on the tide with me and they boated four and lost a couple of others. reports from this AM are similar ... so maybe we're finally starting to see things start up ... but it's still far from the normal catches we should see by now, but tides are looking more favorable as well for better fish movement, so keep those toes, fingers & eyes crossed


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