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  • Signs that tell you it's fishing season

    It started last night.....I began pulling my rods, tackle boxes, etc. out from the dark, deep recesses of my garage in preparation for Memorial Weekend. As I brought the salmon and halibut rod out into the daylight, I realized that it seemed like only yesterday that I was cleaning them before putting them away for the long winter. Could winter really be gone and fishing season here?

    Then during lunch, I stopped and bought some herring and squid. After carrying the bait to my truck, my hands had a smell (more like an aroma) to them I hadn't smelled in a long time. Herring. Yes! Fishing season is definately here.

    So, what happens to you that tells YOU fishing season is finally here????

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    I don't get alot of down time when it comes to fishing, I put away my Ice fishing gear and pull out the soft water gear.

    Depending on what the weather's like, my first fly fishing trip is around the end of march. So I guess the tip-off for me would be more daylight and the melting snow!


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      when the ice and snow melt enough for me to pull the trailer through it...and of course warmer weather is always nice.


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        I know its time to go fishing when I see the ice fall through down at Fire Lake. Usually I will hit Beach Lake in the spring and then Ship Creek when the Kings start to show up.


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          Fishing Season....

          ....arrives when my wife starts making the Honey-Do-List that seems to never end. Hopefully I can get the lists knocked out with my "sick leave" I have saved up!!!

          Seriously...when the snow scoops and shovels replace the rods and reels in the back corner of the garage!
          When all else fails...ask your old-man.



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            When the date on my plane ticket matches the date on the calendar I know its time to fish, 3 more days!


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