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  • Prince of Whales Island/ Ketchikan

    I’m looking for any advice or recommendation regarding Prince of Whales Island. For the past 10 years my family and I have gone up to Alaska to fish. All but one year we have fished Prince of Whales Island, the other year we fished Seward and the Kenai River. We originally started going to Whales Resort, on the east side of POW. Unfortunately a few years back they went out of business. I have yet to find a fishing lodge that can come close to this operation.

    This year we scheduled a trip to Waterfall Resort, located on the West side of POW. We are scheduled for the first week in August. Has anyone experienced this lodge or herd anything about it? Also I have been trying to find fishing report for this area and have been unsuccessful. I know that it is still very early in the season, but I would love to watch the reports leading up to my trip. I did find the some information on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game site, but nothing had been updated since last year. Anyone’s comments or advice would be appreciated.

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    P.O.W. Is.


    I'm headed to Waterfall on Saturday, I've worked there as a guide since 95 so I guess that makes me as qualified as anyone to answer your ?'s, the fishing and the resort are both 1st class, if they weren't I wouldn't have spent so much time there. The fishing in early August is usually excellent, its the tail end of the king run but limits are still pretty easy and there are still some "big" fish around, the silvers will be in thick and limits (6 per person) of those are usually easy also, bottomfishing stays consistant all season with some bigger butts moving in with the silvers and pinks.
    I think if you've been happy with the fishing on the eastside of P.O.W. you'll love it on the westside, I spent 5 years guiding on that side of the island and there is no comparison when it comes to #'s of fish.
    Sorry, other then the weekly ADF&G reports I don't know of any others.

    Good luck,


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      The west side of Prince of Wales (note the lack of the 'h') has great fishing. A bit of a run to get to the outside, but worth it.

      I know of another lodge that's starting up this summer in Craig. The lodge is almost done, and awesome. They run a 27ft aluminum boat with a 9.5ft beam. It's also brand new. They captain has chartered there for 2 years, and commercial fishes there in the off season.

      Send me a PM if you'd like the contact info, I want to respect the web owners rules here.


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        Waterfall Resort

        I have friends that go there every yr. The guides won't even let you bait the hooks. When returning to the dock you're met with your favorite drink. Dave


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          Any campsites nearby? Going next year July/Aug. Any available shore fishing? How about small boat access? Lots a questions first trip to AK

          Fished all my life, so tackle etc will be well covered...location, location!

          Appreciate any and all advice...Capt. George


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