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    I will be making my first trip to Alaska June 18th. Lake Creek is the destination. Can anyone help me out. What would be the recommended main line/leader strength, size hooks, etc.. What would be the expected visibility this time of year? As far as fishing rod, I am bringing my Loomis 1265. Does anyone know the length restriction for carry-on aboard the airplane/floatplane. My rodtube will be 70".

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    Lake Creek

    What fish are you wanting to catch? Are you fishing from the mouth or doing a float trip?


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      Carry ons

      The maximum length on carry ons on Alaska is 24 inches. Getting to carry on a 48" rod tube is hit and miss in my experience. Good luck


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        Lake Creek

        For Kings I would fish 25 lb test green Maxima on a bait cast reel with 20 lb leaders in the 2 - 3 ft range. I use a 1/0 - 2/0 hook depending upon the size of my spin-glo or cheater. Pulling plugs like the K-16 from a boat is also effective. Water conditions should be good. I would check your rod case as baggage because it will not fit in the over head bins. Should be good fishin.
        I will be down in Kodiak on the Ayakulik River fishing kings during the same time frame. However, I will be using lighter tackle.


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          Quick word on checked baggage: anything over 62 inches is another $50 fee on Alaska Airlines.


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            Thanks for the info. I guess I will be paying an extra $50.00 for bringing the rod along. The rod broken in half is 64". The only rod tube I located is 74". Fortunately, My Sage 4120 will fit in the tube.

            I am going on a guided trip at Lake Creek. I have had terrible luck trusting the outfitter on providing the gear. So I am bringing my own. It is tough not having any information prior to a trip.


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              Why Not Ship It

              Why don't you UPS it out there ahead of time? Thats what I am doing. I am sending to the seaplane service that is flying me in. I imagine it would be cheaper then $50, then again maybe I am wrong.
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                Great idea MG. I do that frequently when travelling down to Florida fishing where I may want several salt water rods. I will not carry a rod anymore on an airline flight unless it can be carried on....won't check them as baggage. They once lost a case of 10 rods in a single big case I checked but fortunately found it a few weeks later. They would not have compensated 10 percent of what those rods cost to make. The airline won't sell you additional insurance to cover pricey rods but UPS and USPS's a thought.

                Can't believe a regular guide service up here can't inform you as to the gear they would have for your use....



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                  Trust the Outfitter

                  I would have more confidence in whichever/whoever outfitter you’ve selected... @ least I hope so!

                  Realizing you may have had bad luck in the past that diminishes trust or can open the doorways to dissatisfactions with gear… I will say that a complete fishing package by first-rate outfitters/guides should be “complemented” by first-class, acceptable gear!

                  If they (for example) say that all is inclusive - w/ fly gear, tackle, lines/leaders etc. plus maybe supplying Gore-tex Waders... I'd go without your gear - unless you simply must have the pride/satisfaction of fishing your own (wholly understandable).

                  Dealing w/ the airlines on out of the ordinary matters? NOT too logical!

                  This will be a run on of sorts – but should make sense:
                  The thing with Lake Creek is sufficient mileage, over extensive years; throughout seasons long. The aim of a pro on Lake Creek is identify in addition to understand the trends of not only target species but also being on familiar terms with and clue you in to the recurring, inclined behaviors of these fish and how they characteristically exploit the river’s environs to a fighting advantage.

                  Battles w/ big fish will be one and lost in any case… however… the tendency for most floating Lake Creek is to over-emphasize the confluences, overstay confluence camps, stand relatively shoulder 2 shoulder not exploring, and not realize how to pace the day or week. The other difficulties many will put on display are underestimating (in perception, practice, gear & tackle) 25-65 pound fish in boulder-dodged, swift current with extensive terrain and how to read highly probable water patterns that will amplify hook ups.

                  Hope this helps ya out a bit more. My first suggestion at this point would be to call your outfitter and ask what gear they are providing... Brands, how old, condition... stuff like that. They may have good rods but middle of the road reels or lines... therefore ya might only feel like bringing your reels and extra spools.

                  Brian Richardson


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