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    Any recommendations for lodging and fishing guides for King Salmon.We hope to go there in August for silvers and 'bows.

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    Sam where are you going? If it's the Kenai I have a guide service that I highly recommend. PM me if you would like the details.


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      King Salmon

      I meant to say King Salmon,Alaska.


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        Give Heath and Nanci from Katmai Fishing Adventures a call at 907-246-8322 tell them George Riddle sent you. Best guides on the river, and good friends. Nanci used to me Morris is world famous female guide, if you have read much on fly fishing in the last ten years you should have seen at least one article about her. Hope this helps.



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          Thanks for the info.


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            Nancy is good, but also check with Joe klutsch, Mike Morrison and Jim young, they are the oldtimers' on the river and are excellent guide's. Joe has his own lodge (Katmai Guide Service), Mike and Jim will help you make arrangements for a room/meals. If your on a tight budget Mike and Jim might well be the best and most affordable guide's though Joe is very reasonable on his prices too. If money is not a factor then talk to all four and pick from there.

            You can also talk to the Quinnat (spelling?) landing and KingKo Inn for more option's.........John and Phil Prestidge (John may have retired?), Rainbow bend are other options as is Branch River and Katmai Air for day trip's to Brooks Falls and some of the outlying stream's and river's, again for day trip's to some of the best fishing water's anywhere!

            As you can see there is no shortage of guide's and lodges', there are many more in KS and surrounding area.

            PM me for phone #'s if needed.

            Have a great trip-Ron


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              Thanks for the info.I really appreciate it.I have heard a little about Nanci but not about your suggestions.I also have heard that there is another girl working on the river,Pat Edel.Anyone know about hear.


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                I know of a Patricia who guides out there........I took a Coast Guard class with her in the 97 or 98. She use to work for the Quinnat, but I think she's on her own now......KingKo/Quinnat would know how to get in touch with her.

                Nancy' gotten alot of press and is a very good guide, there are many other guides on the river that are every bit as good as Nancy.........Jim Young was in one of the Fish Alaska articles a while ago! Alot of the guides' aren't into giving freebie trip's to the rag writer's and therefore don't get the press!


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                  Thanks alot for the info.


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                    Patricia Edel aka Blue Fly Fishing Adventure Thanks Griz for bringing her up, I had forgot I worked with her a few years ago. Grizzly1 has mentioned most of the smaller guides/operations and while I know these people and have seen them on the water I havenít worked with them.

                    If you get a hold of the King Salmon Visitors Center they will send you a packet with more info than you will want to look at. Contact them at 907-246-4250. Again hope this helps and have a great time in my back yard.


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                      While they may be "smaller" in the number of fishermen the guide, their knowledge and professionalism is unmatched in the region they guide. If there are guide's on the river who have been doing it for longer or are better, I don't know of them or they have skipped my mind.



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