Lower Fire Lake - 5-21-06



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  • Lower Fire Lake - 5-21-06

    I took the family to Fire Lake today for some quick pike fishing. The weeds are not developed enough just yet. Most of the pike are still deep. I spotted two 18"+ in the weed beds across from the boat launch and that was it. They were so spooked they wouldnt bite my patented minow fly. :-)

    There weird part was I eagle eyed a 12" or so pike laying on top of a floating weedbed. Once we got within a couple of feet it kicked for its life back to the water. It was quite comical to watch.

    There was two guys stationed at the weed bed to the left of the boat launch catching some rainbows.

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    Headed out this weekend, thanks for the report.....
    Yesterday I ran into an Old Girlfriend and I thought I missed her...
    So I backed up and hit her again, ya know sometimes I really do miss her!!


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      My buddy and I were the two guys catching rainbows to the left of the boat launch. We tried for pike through out the lake, but didn't even see one the whole time. I was there about a week ago and saw one hammer handle in the back lagoon, but that has been it for the year.

      Hence the reason why we went for trout. We were both quite surprised by the size and spunk of the rainbows too. Even though we didn't catch any pike it was still a great day on the lake. I forgot how much fun stocked rainbows can be. We were both using spinners, but the lure of the day was without a doubt a #1 or #2 blue vibrax.


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        right now I bet Beach Lake would be awesome for monster rainbows. Come breakup they sit right in front of the boat launch.


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          Beach Lake

          I tried Beach Lake the other day and yes tons of rainbows milling around right by the boat launch. I only had my fly rod and I couldn't buy a bite from those stuck up fish. Evidently they are too good for my dry flies, nymphs, leachs, and everything else I threw at them.

          I will tried again this time with spinning gear and see what happens. If that does not work I guess I will have to resort to great balls of fire. Anyway the rainbows are in at Beach lake, I believe they stocked the lake on the 17th.


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