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Kodiak: River Fishing July 17 - 20, 2006

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  • Kodiak: River Fishing July 17 - 20, 2006

    Hi everyone. I have been reading various posts in the fishing forum and the fishing archive this afternoon. I have picked up a bunch of very useful information. Thanks!
    My partner wants the following for his July 2006 Kodiak fishing expedition:
    - river salmon fishing with a guide with no other fishermen in sight
    - he does not do fly fishing
    - he is willing to do a day flight trip if it means he will reach his goal of landing a salmon
    - he is thinking there could be good fishing off road and is willing to go off road on Kodiak if it means fulfilling his other criteria. I realize there are not that many roads there.
    Note the following:
    - He is not a regular fisherman
    - He fished the Kenai for a couple of days in 1979 with no success and no guide.
    Is his goal achievable? Do you have suggestions on guides in Kodiak?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I am not sure I was clear that he is interested in day fishing excursions within the dates posted, not an overnight at a lodge. He is more than willing to start very early.


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      Even though Kodiak is off the main road system it is hard to find a place worth fishing that you will absolutely not find another person fishing.
      The time frame in which your partner is coming the streams/rivers are closed upstream of the bridges. Most people who go to Kodiak are looking to catch salmon. If you head upstream you can fish for Dolly Varden (dollies) and you may not see another angler but that is not garenteed.
      For the best experience I would recomend a trip out to Saltrey River. You have to ride 16 miles on atv to get there. There is a guide located there who supplies the atv and does a good job putting you over fish. I don't know his name but his wife runs the car rental place in the airport. He would see other anglers there but the atv ride is awsome and the fishing experience is great.


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        Kodiak Clarity...

        The community of Kodiak is not off the main road system. It is centered in it and has 4 roadways comprising almost 100 miles in length that have fishing easements scattered beside them.

        It is not difficult to find areas to fish where there are few to no other anglers simply by probing around and scouting.

        Almost every river on the roadway system in Kodiak is open to fishing for pink, chum, and red salmon during the period of July 17-20. Kings are gone, and silvers do not open upstream of bridges until after September 15th.

        The ride to Saltery Cove is by guided ATV only. Rental cars are not permitted and will not make it. Reds will be peaking during that time period of July17-20 and you get to keep five. E-mail or to make arrangements if you can get them.

        A day flight to catch fish is not needed. A spin fisherman is just as equal as a fly fisherman and both do very well on Kodiak. A hired guide is not needed except to Saltery.

        A local charter skipper told it to me this way in the summer of 2004, "Kodiak offers up some of the most civilized fishing on Earth." Based on my observations and participation, his statement is undeniably true.

        I suggest you have your partner contact me. I have written the book about this place that tells all, but it won't clear US Customs until late this summer. Absolutely, I can help...
        "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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          River Guides

          Check this guy out. He's been doing offshore charters for a while and know is doing Saltery trips as well.

          Shawn Gornall


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