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  • Tides

    What is a good source for accurate tides for turnagain arm? I have heard that if you look at Anchorage tides, it is "several" hours later for the end of turnagain (20 mile, placer, etc). 2,3,4,5 hours later? Is there a tide table for these places?
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    20 mile tide

    According to my notes the 20 mile Brigid hi-tide is 15 min before Anchorage hi-tide. Placer is the same time as Anchorage.


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      How is that possible? I'm saying you are wrong, but a hour's drive up turnagain arm can't be the same time as anchorage, can it? There is no way it is faster than I am driving. Last time I was at 20 mile it came up like a wall of water, pretty fast. If I was not fast and in shape I would not have made it to my parked 4-wheeler out on the sand in time and it would have submerged it, but 20 minutes off of anchorage tides? I would like to find a source for tides up there if anyone knows any.
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        20 mile tide.

        No problem, I know when I answered you I was going to get a response.
        That is what my notes said.

        When the tide is coming up the inlet it starts going up Turnagain and has to go around Fire Island before getting to the port of Anchorage.

        What day and time was it when you almost lost your 4-wheeler? When was hi-tide in Anchorage? = your answer

        Be safe several people have died out there.


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