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Homer or Ninilchik Halibut charters that are not chicken farms

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  • Homer or Ninilchik Halibut charters that are not chicken farms

    Well, lets try this post again. I was looking at a charter with a certain company (edited by webmaster) but it sounds like they are not the charter for me. I am looking for slightly larger fish. I know some of you replied to my other post with some names of charters. And I was unable to write these names down. (cant spend to much time on here while at work) However for some reason the previous post has been removed. I am hoping that you folks could give me some names of charters that you have gone on halibut fishing and had good experiences. (preferably not a chicken farm)

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    Talk to Mike or Heather at Ninilchik charters, I have fished with them for a long time and we have always done very well and had a great time.

    I just went twith them 2 weeks ago and I am scheduled with Mike again in early July.

    Good luck,



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      Chicken Farms

      I fished out of Ninilchik with a company in late June and was very surprised at the retention of many fish under 10lbs. Our limit of 14 fish fished ranged from 6lbs (hardly a respectable bass) to 22lbs. If you like "chicken" some companies will show you how to get 'em.

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        Out of Deep Creek, Heavenly sights is a good one that often gets the bigger fish. Bottom Line Charters goes for the big ones and usually does well. (I would try to go with Earnie) The best I have ever done for big halibut was Key O's. Key O's is the most expensive of the three.


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