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Recreational Crabbing in Southcentral AK

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  • Recreational Crabbing in Southcentral AK

    I was shocked to learn that recreational crabbing is not permitted in the Anchorage area and appears to be illegal along most of the Kenai Penninsula.

    Hard to believe that this is the case on the Last Frontier. Why were such extreme measures implemented?

    I was hoping to toss out a couple of crab rings or cast a Crabhawk with a heavy-duty rod. Are there any places within a relatively short driving distance from Anchorage where a bankie can catch dungeness or other species legally?

    PMs are welcome. Thanks.

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    Don't catch crabs...

    I was also shocked when I moved here almost two years ago. I grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon where getting a limit of crabs is usually pretty easy most of the year. I just assumed it would be easy here, but apparently not. I don't know if they were once plentiful, or what, but it was strange to me also. People say you have to be down towards Juneau or over in Kodiak, none here.
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      Likewise, I'm originally from Oregon and the priviledge of crabbing was something that most of us simply took granted. It was definitely a rude awakening when I came north. The thing really stumps me is how crabbing is legal in California of all places, but not authorized in Alaska. I just don't get it!


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        nearly out of their range...

        we are at the far northern edge of the dungies' range. though there have been good populations here in the past, the conditions needed for a good recruitment are pretty precise up here. currents, water temps, and plankton bloom are all very important. in addition, pollack and hake have become more abundant in the last few years for reasons unproven, and thet prey on young crab. in addition i have been told that the eelgrass flats critical to young crabs are declining compared to years past.
        there are a few crabs...but not in harvestable abundance these days.
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          Thanks for the informative post on the rationale behind the closure. I've been enlightened on this situation now.


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