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What to wear under waders?

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  • What to wear under waders?

    I am coming to AK in August, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on pants (Fleece v. Sweatpants, etc...) Name brands or dealers names would help, Thanks

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    Maybe a specific type of wader would help. I have only worn chest canvas waders and I am sure that other types might require something beside blue jeans. I am sure neopreme require something different.

    Either way, welcome to the forums. You are about to enbark on a trip that will change your life!
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      under waders

      The water is really no colder here than anywhere else. Wear what is comfortable. If you're wading above your thighs, then your femoral artery is exposed to more cold than wading in shallower water. That means that your body will cool off. There are times, even with goretex waders that you may need to sit in the water to cool off. I have plenty of pictures of me without a shirt, waders pulled down to my waist, just to keep from passing out. Forget neoprene. That is so 1980's. Get some good goretex, maybe some light fleece with pockets, so when you're done on the stream you've got some cash on ya to buy a beer. The best goretex out there is Simms. American made, family owned, out of Montana.

      Depending on where you go in August, it may be 90 degrees. It also may snow...


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        patagonia midwt thermal, cabela coolmax liner socks, and thicker socks over them if really cold water.


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          I wear long underwear or nothing at all depending on the temps of air and water
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            as pointed out weather is going to play a big part in what you wear under your waders. I too have gone in just shorts however if you really fish all day long and stand in water all day long, you'll need more then shorts in MOST rivers up here! I prefer a pair of cheapo fleece pants. The cabela's wading pants are pretty nice too, keeps your pants cuffs from ending up in your shorts. August can be very nice or darn right nasty! So bring some for warm and something for cooler to cold weather. How far you're hiking, how long you'll be in the water, water temps and weather will all factor into it. But even when it's 22 hours of daylight and the day temps are in the high 80's. The minute that sun goes down things get nice and cool, you'll see your breath, and if you're fatigued (ie fished to long with little to no food for to many hours, with little to no sleep, and ya gotta go pee to boot but you don't want to move afterall that next monster is only one cast away)...........well you get the idear


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