Shore Fishing For Salmon in Saltwater



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  • Shore Fishing For Salmon in Saltwater

    I have fished Valdez for Pinks and Silvers but otherwise never got down to the salt water when living on Eielson. Now I live in Wrangell and noone fishes from shore. I know shore fishing for Kings heats up out of Juneau, but I have only ever seen people play around scrap fishing from the docks in Wrangell. What do folks rig for Kings out of Juneau? A few places like Petroglyph Beach I could cast into a lot of boats out in the line up. What do you folks reccomend trying?

    I have thought of herring on a live bait slide rig (if it's legal), but I suspect the smaller rockfish might not let it be long enough to attract anything bigger. Am I religated to casting a crippled herring?
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    snagging hooks by dipac or in fish creek pond where a terminal fishery is stocked is the order of the day in juneau
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