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  • Powergrubs

    Anyone been having any success using Powergrubs or Powerbait on their jigs or spoons for ice fishing?

    I bought a whole bunch on sale last Christmas in the L48 and brought them back to try. Doing Pipin Lake on Saturday if I can thaw the sewer line before then.

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    We've used power bait with some success ice fishing in Anchorage. We've also used it with pieces of cocktail shrimp and it was better than the inidvidual components.

    Good luck with the sewer line.


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      The sewer always wins

      Yup, Life stops when the sewer stops.
      reminds me of the story of the different organs deciding who was the most important to a humans life..

      One day the body organs got together and decided to have a board meeting. Here's what went on behind closed doors.

      There was intense discussion to determine WHO WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE BODY

      The brain was the first to speak. "Without me, nothing would be accomplished."

      The HEART spoke up. "Without me pumping blood to your brain, you could not function."

      The ARMS laughed. "You're both wrong. Without me to put food in the mouth, nothing would work."

      The STOMACH said, "Without me, your food would not digest."

      The LUNGS bellowed back, " Without me, you could not breathe."

      The EYES blinked, "Without me, you could not see."

      The KIDNEYS snorted, "Without me, you could not detoxify and eliminate."

      Then the COLON meekly spoke up. "I am important.
      You need me to eliminate all of the garbage from your systems."

      Everyone laughed and made fun of him. "How can you be as important as we are? You're just a smelly old sewer."

      The poor colon- His feelings were hurt! He turned away and thought, "I'll show them".


      Then he sat back and watched what happened.
      The BRAIN was stupefied.
      The HEART's bear was weak and irregular.
      The ARMS were weal and couldn't move.
      The LUNGS - gave in to shallow breathing.
      The EYES became clouded.
      The KIDNEYS quit
      The COLON looked around and decided it was time to call another meeting. It wasn't too lively this time, but everyone was in total agreement, THE COLON WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN!

      Dave,, take care of the sewer and then hit the ice shack,,
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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        Can't get it to stick! I end up with lots of little reflective orange balls under the ice. Maybe I'm fishing it wrong.


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          Power Bait

          PB and PG's come in many different sizes and configurations. I use the 1" micro grubs and the 1 1/2" Walley bait. You can tear the tail off and just use the body. Somewhere I saw 6" or large grubs for ocean fishing.

          The bait in the jars that you form. is best done with a spring around the hook so that the bait has something to grab onto. otherwise, like stated, it just falls off.
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            So you used the floating powerbait!! (I did that once too) I've used a bunch of different powerbaits icefishing. The paste stuff works good, but falls off the hook easy. I also really like this powerbait that looks like little red-worms as it stays on. I usually still take some shrimp with me and sometimes combo up.

            * edited b/c I just re-read the above post, and think the spring around the hook idea is AWESOME!!! Thanks!
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              Not all

              Not all of it floats, depends on what you attach it to. You do not always need to use the entire grub/tail, you can cut a small piece off to target the size of the fish you are pursuing.

              Ball point pen springs around the hook work and you can buy springs usually at an Ace Hardware store for the clay type Power Bait.

              I have trouble keeping the shrimp on. So once on a lake up north I took pickled herring that I did for myslef for halibut bait. a little piece of the skin on a hook and I limited out in an hour. Of course check the regs to see if bait is allowed.

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                two of the char i cleaned today had plasitc grubs in there bellys!!! shrimp and worms are my two best weapons of choice. I have a ton of artifical lures and none of the do as well a shrimp. Sometimes i think people think that using shrimp is just for kids!


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                  I have never used shrimp, just shrimp flies. When you guys use shrimp for ice fishing, exactly what are you referring to? The pre-cooked canned stuff? Raw shrimp?
                  Just wondering.
                  Hike faster. I hear banjo music.


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                    I think most people by the pre-cooked shrimp. The small to medium sized shrimp that are white in color. Usually in the back of the grocery store next to other fresh fish. They are usually packaged by the store in a styrofoam container with plastic over them. Detailed I know. Shrimp seem to be the single most productive method of catching trout, landlocked salmon, and artic char through the ice for me.


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                      Just curious about the size of hook everyone uses for ice fishing with shrimp? Big enough for the hole shrimp, or smaller for just a piece?
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                        Powerbait IMO sucks and I spent my childhood catching stocked fish at beach lake. Shrimp is for sure the way to go i usually use size 10 hooks jigs with grubs are also a good bet, I catch a lot of trout while pike fishing with them.
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                          Actually on Sat. three of us fished with 3 different baits, Power Grub, egg, small herring. The score at the end of the day was: PG 1, egg 1, herring 1.

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