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  • May fly fishing

    I am going on a black bear hunt May 16-26. I want to make a little time to do some fly fishing. I will be camping somewhere alond the Seward HWY. Havn't decided where. I have been a fisherman all my life but am new to flyfishing. What species will be my best chance that time of year? Any idea of what flys I should have with me. I am not asking for anyones secret spot but would like some tip as where to try. Any help I would really apreciate.

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    king salmon on the kasilof river using salmon flies (large, lead-eyed bunny leeches, e.g., "hareball" or "purple death" pattern, in fuchsia, chartreuse, and purple).


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      options are fairly limited because of the spring rainbow spawning closure. Stocked lakes will be good places to pick up rainbows though. Stocked bows will take anything on top or scud patterns. The parks highway streams can be awesome in may fishing withsmolt flies.
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        May fishing

        Thanks allot for the help. I havn't been very far down the seward hwy and am looking VERY foward to seeing that area. Can't wait till May!


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          Let's see what open water there is. The mouths to streams from lakes may be open, and that's where some of the small baitfish (smolt) patterns would work well. Best thing to do is post a week or 10 days before to see what weather the spring has brought. There's also a good chance that I'll be down there with a buddy or two, biting at the bit to get wet.

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            Don't forget about the streams south of the Kasilof.....Ninilchik, Deep Cr., Anchor....THey are weekend only king salmon fisheries....This year the water was high/off color for most of the season, so I stuck with drifting roe. If the conditions allow, you can do quite well w/flys.


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              Should be a decent time for saltwater kings out of Seward, or at the least the Sea Run Dollies should be "do-able" around that time. You may want to see if you can pick up a copy of "The Highway Angler" I've reccomended it in the past and folks seem to've done well with the info they gotten from it.


              Good luck.
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                I don't have much experience on the penn for anythign other then salmon. I would however run up to Talkeetna, book a trip out with Mahays and have them drop you on clear creek.

                Use some pearl and white, pearl and green(olive) and pearl and black zonkers. Bring along some big olive and brown hex nymphs (dunno why they like them so much, but they do), there are loads of black stones, size 14 or so, it wouldn't hurt ot have a few), some kind of muddler/zuddler pattern. Any any epoxy smolt pattern you can find, just something to mix things up. Seems they get put down from one pattern but as soon as you changed, you'll hit a couple of fish. Oh forgot, some pearl jigs.


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                  We're planning to drive from Anchorage to the Kasilof the last week in May. Any specific recommendations for stocked lakes or park hwy streams?


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