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Anybody Fished At Fingerlake?

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  • Anybody Fished At Fingerlake?

    i was gonna be out at the valley sunday and i was wondering if anybody had luck at finger lake, or any lakes out in the valley?

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    theres alot of infor at about finger lake


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      I've never had any luck there
      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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        finger lake was a waste of time...

        went to finger lake for about four hours on sun and didnt catch a thing a couple of guys next to us didnt have any luck either after that we went to knik lake and only caught four small landlocks.


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          Ditto for the lack of success at Finger over the Thanksgiving weekend, not even a bite, hooked some big fish at Big Lake, but lost them. No pike in Knik, lots of small landlocked-silvers and bows' though. Back to Big Lake this weekend to catch the one that got away!


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            any ideas on where to fish big lake would be appreciated

            i was gonna head out that way this weekend but never fished big lake before any suggestions on where to find fish, and do you think the ice is thick enough for a half ton truck?


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              Fished Lake Luciel ( spelling) ice thickness

              Last Sat the Ice was 18 inches thick on Luciel. Had two 1/2 ton trucks on the ice. We did good. 1 bow at 25 inches 1 bow at 21 3 bows 17/18.

              Good luck
              Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.


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                Ice was 18"+ at Big Lake as well, try fishing burnt point or the points of the islands in 20-50ft of water.


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