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Lakes on Cross Admiralty Island

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  • Lakes on Cross Admiralty Island

    Dear Fishing Experts,

    I am planning a fishing/canoe trip on the Cross Admiralty Island Canoe route ( I'm working on the itinerary and would love some advice on the quality of the fishing on the lakes and bays of the route. The lakes we plan to fish are Hasselborg Lake, Davidson Lake, and Destin Lake. Depending on itinerary, we may also fish Mitchell Bay.

    Any advice or opinions on which of these lakes/bays has the best fishing? If Mitchell Bay is really worthwhile vs. the lakes, we could also adjust our plans to spend more time there.

    Thanks a ton.


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    well a few of them lakes you are only allowed to keep cuttthroat over 25 inches so I'd say there might be some big fish there. Check into a few things, if theres significant red runs in the area, these will draw big dollies and cutts out of the lakes and into the feeder streams in mid-late july and possibly into august. The creeks nearer to tidewater will have dollies and SRCs as well as pinks and chums and maybe some sockeye or even silvers if you go late enough. Talk with fish and game (or searcch their website) and you should be able to find some good information there. Run timing is pretty critical into where you fish, if you are chasing trout up salmon streams vs. if you are chasing trout at the mouths of salmon streams gorging on smolt. ANyhow it should be fun!
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      Man that looks like an AWSOME trip!!! Wish I could go. Have fun!


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