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    With this cold snap the past few weeks, I can't help but begin planning my summer charters. I'm looking into options in the Homer area. Anyone offer and recommendations for quality halibut/king guys? Anybody fished with Spirit Charters? Thinking of a trip or two in May and maybe another come July to get some lings (any ling cod recommendations?).
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    Before I got my boat I fished with K-Bay charters all the time. Great charter. I fished for Halibut and one time for Lings.
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      I personlly recommend Fishhomer. This guy is the best. i think his webpage is fishhomer.com


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        I've been using Captain Pete for years. Great charter. Website is http://www.captpete.com. He does winter kings also.


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          Cptn. Steve Button

          If you want a great time and plenty of fish; this is your man...

          Crystal Sea Charters - 745-8577

          hands down in the top five for customer satisfaction and makes fishes fins quiver...
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