Summer Trout Fishing Near Talkeetna



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  • Summer Trout Fishing Near Talkeetna

    I will be spending the end of June/first week in July in Talkeetna. I would very much appreciate recommendations as to streams to fly fish in the area for Rainbows.


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    Lots of options

    Welcome to the site!

    First off, try and get a copy of "The Highway Angler"...It'll be a valuable resource.

    Within close proximity of Talkeetna you have; Montana, Rabideaux, Sheep, & Goose Creeks....All of them contain healthy and abundant populations of Rainbows. A little farther north or south you have Kashwitna,Willow, and the Lil' Su (susitna) & little willow crks/rivers (these are south), all within approx. an hour of the Talkeetna spur. North you have Troublesome and Byers creek, and Byers lake.

    You'll also be arriving when the King Salmon fishing should be good, something to keep in mind.

    Not sure if you are looking at road access, do it yourself only, or if boat/guided/air taxi drop offs are also viable options. If so that list just got a WHOLE lot more fun!

    If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.

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      Clear creek with dry flies, last time I went I caught around 50 grayling and a rainbow or two on dries contact mahays or tri rivers its a $55 drop off and then a mile hike to the good water. Kings will be in. Please catch and release.

      Byers lake is very pretty even if it doesn't have a huge fish population, more of the same there rainbows and grayling.
      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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        I agree, clear creek is the place to go for nice bows and loads of grayling. I use little vibrax and super rooster tails and do really well. Also that will be THE best time to do some king fishing on clear creek as well.


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