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  • Nancy Lake Cabin #2

    Has anyone been out to the public use cabins on Nancy Lake? How is it? Anyone have any pics of the cabin?
    Is it worth bringing some fishing gear to see if the boys and I can catch a couple fish?

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    I've been there. I'm not sure which one is the biggest cabin - maybe #4. But over the years, we've stayed in them all. They are good enough with a wood stove that will overheat the cabin in a big way. I tried ice fishing there last winter. Had 4 tipups baited with herring out with my two boys along. Not a single flag all day. Whats that tell you. Maybe it would be better near the outlet of the lake. That's a ways away from the cabins though. Or you could take a day trip to Red Shirt Lake where there is a good pike population.


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      Not very many fish in Nacy lake, not very many pike at all, the best bet would be to fish for rainbows which usally don't eat to much herring. Very nice cabins though I've been there a few times, the fishing isn't very good at all though.
      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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        state cabin website

        Have you been on the state parks website for public use cabins? Might get a pic of #2 on there. I have been using Nancy Lake Rec area cabins for over 20 years. My 3 boys practically grew up out there at Red Shirt, Lynx, and the others. cabins are all cozy as long as you bring an ample amount of firewood with you. Especially with the weather we've been having. Actually right now you could probably drive right to any of the Nancy Lake cabins across the ice with your vehicle.
        good luck


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          some fish

          I went out there last weekend (not the holiday weekend before that) and caught about 10 small rainbows. So fish are there, and I'd say fish em, but they are not big.


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