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Best way to attach single hooks to vibrax?

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  • Best way to attach single hooks to vibrax?

    Most of the spinners, pixees etc I buy in the store come with a treble hook that has a closed loop to the spinner. With a lot of the regulations asking for single-hook, artificial lures, what is the best way to remove these treble hooks and reattach the single hook that often comes in the package? I don't think my pliers are going to cut it.

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    Get a good pair of wire clippers to snip the hooks off if they don't have a split ring. A split ring is like a tiny key ring. Sometimes you can just take them off like a key, but the vibrax's in particular require cutting the solid ring off. Go to Sportsmans or B&J's and buy some split me, they have them...and some split ring pliers if you can afford the extra few bucks they make it a lot easier. Then you just put on whatever hooks you want.

    And Voila!!!


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      converting to single hook

      I think most will use a "Siwash" hook, just a straight shanked J-style hook w/ or w/o the split ring. My preference is w/ a split-ring. Could'nt say its any better. using a blade tip or a small screwdriver blade,like those on multi-tools works well for spliting the ring to get things started.


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        As one poster related... clip two hooks off the original treble if its a new lure or one in good shape. Many waters require it like Lake Creek for example, yet it is also the preferred/improved technique for catch and release.

        Often Vibrax spinners will come with the cheapo bend-on "Siwash" hook. These are not very good at all... soft, bendable, dull easily. Tho' maybe somewhat convenient to have as extras --- it will be easier while less time consuming to simply clip the original treble down to a single hook.

        The most effective way to attach high quality single hooks (if clipping of treble is not the way you choose to fish) plan ahead using the tiny key-rings available in tackle shops.


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          As a sidenote, you can order the Mepps directly from them with a single hook.

          I had a bunch of the "Trophy" in size 4 and 5 along with a few "Flying C's" made up for silvers. Nice lures and all were ordered with the single hooks directly from Mepps...

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