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flathorn figure 8 ice fishing????

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  • flathorn figure 8 ice fishing????

    hi i finally have the sleds to get out to these lakes and had a few questions on fishing for the pike out there. I have not done too much pike fishing on the ice before and when i did i just used a double hook setup on a half herring, with a steel leader. are there any other methods, like jigging herring or spoons or anything. also what depth should i be fishing in??? like 5-10 feet. also which of the two lakes should i focus on. i will only get to go out a few times. i found a map of trapper lake so at least i have a map of water depth. any info would be great. vance
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    Flathorn tatics


    Thought I would give you my two-cents worth on fishing Flathorn. First off, I'd make sure that you can legally get out there. The trail head is off from Ashyre (spelling?) road but I would be sure that you can operate sleds out there due to the lack of snow. With all the wind out that direction this week there may not be any snow to ride on???? I have not seen too many reports this year on folks going out there. Anyway, enough about that.

    Once you do make it out there the trail will come in to the south and east of the lake (approx 15 miles from the trail head). Simply hook a right and head north and fish in the first large arm that breaks off towards the east. Go back in there unitll you can not see the main lake and set up. Last year was the first time I went out there and the deepest water we could find was like 6 or 7 feet.

    As far a setting up your rigs. You can use 5 lines per person out there and I've always fished whole herring (Blue label, the smaller ones) about 12 to 18 inches off from the bottom. I've used size 4 single trebles, hooked through the back of the herring. Obviously, look for shoreline structure that may extend out into the lake and have similar characteristics (like points) on the bottom.

    I've tried spearing out there too.... The water is very stained and visablity is only about 18 inches (or atleast that's how it was last year). Still managed to spear one, the thing almost jumped into my shanty through the ice coming up for the decoy.That was pretty cool!

    Anyway, if you head out there I'd be interested in hearing how you did. If nothing else send me a PM.

    Thanks and good luck!



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      i contacted fish and game today since they control the trasportation out to these 2 select lakes and it is not open as of today. so im sitting here waiting for snow. i will keep you posted thanks for the info
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        access to Flathorn and Figure 8

        ADF&G does not control access to these lakes. it is under MatSu Parks and Recreation control. You will be pleasantly suprised if you call and ask what the access rules are for both lakes right now.


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