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    Has anyone been catching silvers in Ship Creek lately? Are there still silvers coming in?
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      Seal fishing

      Only saw a couple hook ups but did see a seal hunting salmon at the dam at high tide today 19 Aug 7:40 pm. Was the coolest thing ever.


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        There are silvers in Ship Creek?

        I went there Yesterday and all I saw was a -lot- of pinks and bunch of people trying to snag fish without really knowing what kind they were. At least I think they were trying to snag, tossing the lure out about 4 ft up stream of you, waiting till its in front of you then ripping the lure out of the water, repeat every three seconds.

        Maybe its just not time for them to be all the way in yet? or the silvers are being overshadowed by all of the pinks?

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          Originally posted by AlaskaIsCold View Post
          At least I think they were trying to snag, tossing the lure out about 4 ft up stream of you, waiting till its in front of you then ripping the lure out of the water, repeat every three seconds.


          Might as well get used to it. Ship/Bird/Jims creeks are base camp for the AK salmon snaggers. Honestly, they might as well open these creeks up to snagging.
          Finally, Brad Childress is GONE!


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            So they are snagging then? Because usually what I like to do is cast off at a 45 degree angle from me about 40-50ft away, let it dead drift about 100ft down stream of me then slow retrieve it back. It takes up a large amount of stream. I tried it -once- at ship creek then realized real quick that you only have about 10 feet of space between you and the next guy if your lucky. The same thing happened on the Kenai-Russian Confluence.

            Is it like this at all of the drivable places? is there ever a time when you can actually flyfish on ship or bird? Or is it just a place where the snagging and foul hooking rules are overlooked?

            Actually, the samething happens on the Kenai-Russian. Is Flossing just another word for snagging? People tell me that Red salmon dont even bite. So how can you catch a fish that doesnt bite on anything?
            A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work.


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              Yep, you'd be the annoying guy who doesn't get the process. Just saying. I'm not into that kind of fishing, either, but it's here to stay so there's not much point whining about it. I just find somewhere else to fish if it's bothering me. I don't even bother with the Russian...that many people fishing next to me just isn't fun.

              Flossing is essentially snagging fish in the mouth. Some people have it down to an art and rarely snag a fish anywhere else, but most people end up doing the yank and jerk thing and get one legal fish for every ten caught. Ship Creek at low tide is fished like this for all species of salmon that come's what works best when the fish aren't biting, which is most of the time when there are a hundred hooks to dodge.


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                Ship creek

                You need to get down there right when the tide begins coming in, usually about 3-4 hours before the documented high tide, the silvers come in on the tide and are somewhat aggressive because they haven't had flies/spinners, tossed at them much. I use a purple ESL and haven't had any trouble getting my limit, does take some mud diving though


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                  Flossing vs dead drift

                  I spent some time on Ship Crk a few days ago and it appeared some guys were catching 1 fish after another while others next to them didn't catch a thing. I finally asked a couple guys if I was doing something wrong and if there was a particular pattern that the successful guys were using? I had dead-drifted as you mentioned for 1/2 day and when the tide was coming in managed to have several hook ups on legit fresh silvers in the upcoming tide-water. I was somewhat amazed I didn't catch 1 legit pink with dead drift in all this time because the pinks were fairly thick. The pinks had large humped backs and were well into their spawn so that may be the reason they weren't actively taking dead-drifted flies?

                  The guy I asked said the guys catching silvers above the tidewater were flossing/snagging them and the best silver fishing was in the lower tidewater. It then became pretty aparent that they were running lines through their mouths on super short up-stream drifts with gobs of weight and a couple flies with very large hooks attached to the bottom of their lines. The guys doing this appeared to really know what they were doing and there was hardly a silver that made it by them in the shallows! I doubt these same guys would have caught a silver if they didn't have polarized glasses and blindly dead drifted!

                  The guy also mentioned that I needed to put more weight on my line so that I could get my fly right in front of their noses. After I put on more weight I actually had several legit takes by pinks but have a feeling some may have been flossed? I also caught a few dolly varden that were directly below the pinks eating eggs that took the same fly.

                  In regard to reds/sockeye. I have been on several float trips over the years and yes reds do take tiny flies but you need use adequate weight to get the fly directly in front of their nose. Sockeye eat tiny plankton (or whatever) in the ocean so that is likely what they may take when fresh in a river. We used tiney nymphs for catching sockeyes and I can honestly tell you they worked very well when used in a dead drift. We were not flossing them and I can guarantee we caught numerous legit fresh reds. I'm not sure if this works very well once reds start spawning because we were catching chrome reds. The trick was to find the right water. When the sockeye were moving up river I hardly caught a fish but in slack water where they held up/rested I did very well.

                  I hope this helps?


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                    Any idea on how long the silvers and/or pinks will continue to come into Ship Creek?
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                      Any updates on Ship Creek? Silvers in full force yet? Pinks gone yet?

                      A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work.


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