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Silvers out of Whittier

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  • Silvers out of Whittier

    More of a question than a statement.
    Anyone make it out last weekend and find any silvers?

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    Went out of Whittier on Saturday and found that the silvers still haven't even gotten to Pigot Bay yet. They seem to be running late this year as well. Maybe a week or two...


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      The silvers do not seem to be cooperating with my scheduled time-off to catch them this year. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in them.

      Stupid fish.


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        none yet

        mooched all around pigot bay and point today. Great weather but no silvers. Anybody else have any luck elsewhere in PWS?


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          No luck

          Me and the boys trolled back and forth across the entrance to South Culross Passage on Sunday for several hours. Hooked several salmon...but they were all under 10". I have caught these dink salmon in the past while catching large fish, but not very often. Sunday we caught about 8 or 9 of them, and that was it.
          Good thing the shrimping was good. Listening in on the radio it sounded like everyone else down in that part of the sound was doing poorly also.


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            Hopefully not a repeat of last year.


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              What happened in Whittier last year, anyway? I know people who did quite well from shore, but not sure how late the fish were. Were the fish just late, or was it a weak run altogether??

              I filled the freezer in two days in Valdez, so didn't do any September silver fishing down there last year.


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                I think a few people caught silvers further out than usual. From what I remember, very little action at the usual spots...Pigot Point, Culross Passage ends, etc. I don't think they every really came in like they had the previous years I'd fished for them out of Whittier.


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                  where to go

                  When "they do show up" in a week or two, where is the best places to catch them? I've heard pigot bay or pigot point alot, but what are the other traditional hot spots? Does PWS have a spot like Pony Cove, which is almost always great fishing? I seem to get the impression that there just usually aren't that many silvers in PWS. At least not the Whittier side, I'm sure copper river has plenty.


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                    Got an unconfirmed report from a guy today that said they did well in Main Bay over the weekend.

                    I'm hoping to get another run to Whittier, possibly tomorrow, for bait. I'll poke around the docks and see what info I can dig up.


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                      Went to Pigot Point today (Tuesday AM). A few more of those so called dink salmon. Bright little devils! Saw no other action from the boats that were out there. Shrimping has gotten a lot better at least saving the day for me.


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                        How deep are the shrimp. Headed down this weekend to try the silvers and drop a couple of pots. Guess I'll have to head further out than I planned.
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                          Shrimp depth

                          Fished 3 days last weekend in various depths, and did well on the shrimp in the 550 to 650 foot range.


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                            Silvers out of Whittier

                            I fished all day Sat and Sun ....15th...16th....Pigot Pt.....only caught 1...saw a few more caught but for both days maybe 3 or 4 in the boat! STILL really slow....I hope this is not a repeat of last year but there is still lots of time.


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                              I was down at Whittier and talked to some locals. They said a week or ten days ago someone caught a 19 1/2 pound silver off the breakwater next to the small boat harbor but that since then it's as if the fish don't remember they're supposed to show up. Up at Cove Creek if you want pinks they're still there. Some guys were a bunch of them. The creek is like 8 feet wide where they were "fishing". I asked one guy why he didn't just wade in the creek (it's about a foot deep) and kick them up onto the bank. He didn't speak English, so he didn't have an answer. I wished I had had a fake badge so I could pretend to be Johnny Law, but then I realized there were 5 of them and one of me....

                              Plenty of herring still within casting distance of the rocks.

                              Weather forecast was for 62, sunny, and 5 to 10 mph breezes. They got the sunny part right, at least. The "breeze" was probably 35 sustained with gusts well above that. I saw few people try to put their boats in the water.

                              Next time I go down I'm calling a couple local businesses and asking them how stiff the flags are before I head down. I wanted to kayak but it would have been an adventure if I had to do a wet exit.


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