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  • Great site!! New guy with some questions

    Great site. I just came accross it today and have been reading a bunch of your posts.

    My Wife and I would like to make a trip to Alaska next year or in 2008.

    We would like to flyfish for Silvers( maybe reds and pinks too if they are availabe at the same time)and Rainbows and maybe some Dolly Varden with a day of Halibut too.

    Can we wade stream fish and boat(drift fish) the same areas or do we have to fly out to wade fish?

    We have 7 and 8 weight fly gear and will bring some spinning gear too.

    We are just looking for lots of action and hopefully some good eating fish to bring home.

    I have been looking at all the different areas to fish and Salmon specie run charts but it is a bit confusing with all the options. It looks like August is the time for the Silvers and the big rainbows from what I have seen.

    Where would you recommend to go and what time of year? We are open to any ideas.


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    For me, doing the research is half the fun. You are off to a good start by reading this forum. Spend some time in the archives. Just about any question you can come up with has already been answered. Go to the book/video section at the top of the page, there are numerous books, most of which are excellent ( I know, I think I have all of them now!). If budget is a concern I strongly reccomend "Alaska Fishing on a Budget" by Rosenburg. In planning your trip try to remain as flexible as possible. The "where" is not nearly as important as the "when". Specific runs of salmon on any given river will vary from year to year...Mother Nature dictatates. If you remain flexible in your plan it is no big deal to move from one watershed to another maximizing your opportunity to catch fish! I'm planning my fourth trip now and can tell you Alaska is a special place...and I've fished all over the world!


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