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  • Twenty-mile

    Just wondering how twenty-mile was doin for silvers? Seen plenty of boats at the launch.
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    Fished Tue. and Wed.- Pinks & Chums are in thick, Silvers seem to have moved far up the river.


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      Up 20 mile

      How far are most running up 20 mile? Hit the forks head left, find sloughs?
      Is the fishing that much better up there? Heard about some good RT and DV fishing up that way somewhere, can any of you comment on that?


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        I've never really paid attention to the name of the creek at about mile 79. It's the one right after 20 Mile as you're headed south. Maybe it's part of Portage Creek.

        Anyway, driving by there this afternoon at low tide (verrrrrrrry low today and verrrrrrry high this morning) there were some people down there fishing and one woman was lugging a fish up the bank that looked huge. If it was a chum, it was a monster. Same if it was a silver. I was already past the pullout so I couldn't stop to try to scope it out, but whatever that was was a big ol' fish. Looked to be at least 20 pounds, but that's just a guess. It looked about the size of the woman's leg.

        I don't know if anyone has any reports on that creek to share.

        The parking lot at 20 Mile was packed, and boats were being launched or pulled out when I went by. I don't know if that's a creek you can fish from the shore, but it looks like it might be worth the effort. Anyone know if there are trails going back up river?


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