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  • New to Fishing - Anchorage Lakes & Creeks

    Hello Everyone -

    I am just now getting started with fishing and I had a few questions. I will mostly be fishing Campbell Creek, Jewel Lake and Delong Lake.

    I have a rod and reel and some lures but what would you recommend for fishing the above areas as far as lures/bait go? Also, what is the best time of day to fish these areas? I have heard from 5am - 9am and from 9pm - 11pm, does that sound about right?

    I am really looking forward to getting started and any info you can give would be helpful!


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    use scud flies or things that look like food pellets. Also see if they stocked those lakes this year on adf&g's website.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      campbell creek is pretty good for silvers when you can find them.for starters fish the dimond bridge and arctic and dimond by gallos early in the morning with spinners or esl's, or just glo yarn and corkies on a gamakatsu rig. chester creek in midtown anchorage can be okay for silvers and rainbow trout too but tough to find them and not great accessibility. jewel lake can be fun if you get a boat/canoe/tube whatever and go to the northwestern corner of the lake. beer can lake (little campbell lake, campbell point lake) has some big char in it , fish off the dock or at the far end of the results ice fishing. sand lake still has some decent pike and trout to be had before they kill it off in a few weeks.

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        Read the regs and keep them in mind when getting advice.

        for example: Chester creek is CLOSED to all salmon fishing (including silvers)


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          Lots of good fishing in anchorage. I fish Jewel lake in the spring at ice out. I've caught trout at all the public access point on it. None seem that much better than any other on Jewel lake but maybe someone knows for sure? I have tried fishing trout in chester and cambell creeks and have never done well. Like the above poster said always check regs before fishing though, as sometimes salmon can't be targeted, or bait used.

          for trout
          Lures; small spinners, spoons, leadhead jigs. Generally stocked trout are on the small size, 10 inches, so size the lures to that. A fish bigger than 12 inches is huge and a trophy. (not saying there are not huge fish out there, just saying they are usually small).
          Bait either under a bobber (12 inches to 3 foot bait to bobber) or on bottom with a small weight. Salad shrimp are great. Worms. maggots. Berkley powerbait of any type. Salmon eggs, like "ball's-o-fire".

          for wild fish, even the creeks, I flyfish with an egg sucking leech, or use single barbless hooks on the spinners. That's just a personal thing. I use bait on stocked lakes when I just want to catch fish, and am willing to eat the ones I kill that swallow the bait. Stockers I'll keep sometimes, but in my experience don't taste all that great. One that's spent a year in whatever lake is pretty darn good though. (bigger than 10 inches)
          All the anchorage lakes have trout and are generally easiest to catch in the morning first light, or at dusk. So your times are right on, but depend on how long our days are as well as it will change.
          Walk around while fishing as some spots are just better than others. Watch other people, and do what they do as a general rule. (before someone says anything assume they do legal and ethical things.)
          Talk to them if you feel up to it, and see what worked for them.

          Ship creek, downtown near the port, is very good for salmon right now. They are easier to catch than you think, and at high tide very little extra gear is needed.
          That's if you get tired of Jewel, Delong or the creeks that is!! Good luck.


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            sorry didnt mean to mislead, for some reason i thought you could fish silvers in chester, though i never have done it. have caught some huge rainbows in there though during breakup on beads, about jewel lake if you fish that northwestern and west side of the lake near the docks and weed beds using a #1 or #0 vibrax ( i like silver) you will catch nice fish all day from 10"-17" with the average going 12". theres a ledge about 15-20 feet off the bank, youll notice it as on one side of your boat/canoe youll be able to see the bottom and on the other side of your boat itll be a couple feet deeper. thing is that the of the people that live over there have a feeding station, or at least they used to, and it attracts alot of fish...those bigger ones like to hunt on the ledge.... try it once youll be surprised

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              Anchorage Lakes and Creeks

              Jewell and Delong lakes are my favorite for trout. Also, Green lake on Elmendorf if you can get signed on. Ship Creek is always a muddy adventure for salmon. A more enjoyable place is Bird Creek if you don't mind a 20 mile scenic southern drive. I highly recommend Bird over Ship for fishing, scenery, and fisherman are much more friendly. Just my two cents.


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