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    What is the best type/model/Mfg. of power ice auger to buy?

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    I have owned a Jiffy 3 hp--9" since 1986. Never failed to start or keep running. A real workhorse.


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      All the way!


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        the strike master 10" dual blade auger. up here do not go with the 8" auger. you will regret it once you see the larger hole and try to get a big fish through it. the strike master augers are awesome. last year my buddy ran his into a log on the bottom and it was sooooo cold that the handle broke.... well strike master sent him a new handle for free and a bunch of stickers to say thanks. they have great customer service. the other auger i owned prior to this my friend still has and it is still drillin holes like 6 or so years later. his is the single blade 10" and it is still awesome. cant beat twice the cutting though.
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          Both are good, I have an Eskimo and my Buddy has a Jiffy. The Jiffy turns the opposite direction which is really cool. Go check out Ice Shanty I love this site for ice fishing. They have an entire section on just auger FAQ in the equipment area. We also have an Alaska area on there and are trying to get more Alaskan ice fisherman to come and post there so we can all be on the same page.


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            I dont think you can go wrong with any of them. Just make sure its big enough for the type of fish your chasing. I have the 10" Jiffy Legend and love it. I have also had friends with the Strikemaster and Eskimo and havent heard of too many problems with any other than misuse and storing all year with old fuel and no stabil. I did have a friend with a 6" auger and couldnt get a big lake trout through the hole. Wasnt fishing for them, but when he hooked a big one, he was all but crying because he could not get it through the hole. I love the 10 inch auger. Not too much you cant get out with that. Just wondering how many extensions I am going to have to buy for it up here!!! Just moved up from South Dakota.

            Originally posted by grousehunter View Post
            What is the best type/model/Mfg. of power ice auger to buy?
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              Small Holes

              Reaching down a hole to turn a fishes head and get him moving up is not fun. I had to do it once for a 38" northern pike. After doing it I thought; "What if I had not turned him and hooked myself." Ugh!!!

              Yes, in ice fishing you need enough hole. Lake Lousie has some nice rainbows that need a 8-10" hole for sure.

              Has anyone used a gaff? Or, is that illegal?

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                Originally posted by Daveinthebush View Post

                Has anyone used a gaff? Or, is that illegal?
                When I used to fish for lakers in Montana I made a gaff out of a chunk of broom handle and then screwed a good sized treble hook on the end. Put the broom handle in the curve of one of the hooks and screw the eye to the side of handle. You end up with a 2 hooked gaff that's not too big. Worked great on big bull trout and rainbows too.
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                  Good idea!

                  I think I'll make one Snyd.
                  Ice Shanty is a good site. I post there as groundsluice_pete. But I think I get all most as much info from this site.


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                    I have a stike master with the 10" auger. Eskimo, Jiffy are fine augers as well, I just happend to be in the right place at the right time for the stike master. Wally world about 5yrs ago had them missmarked, I picked it up with the 10" bit for $110.00, yes thats not a typo! I bought it and never questioned the price, 2 days later went in and the had figured it out as they were now $349.00, lol, wally world is good for somethin every now and then.

                    NOTE: A 10" auger is a must up here as well as puerchase a 24" extention!


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