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Bottom Fishing In Nov. Dec. ???

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  • Bottom Fishing In Nov. Dec. ???

    Yea I know I'm nuts but I work all summer up at Cape Lisburne Radar Site and now is my only shot to get a line wet. My 8 year old Granddaughter wants to go bad and it doesn't matter what type of fish... cod, bass, greenling, irish lords, sculpin, yellow eye, octopus what ever is legal and fun. we can go to about anywhere out of Anchorage.(Whittier, Seward, Homer even a weekend down to Valdez) We have full survival equipment, Mustang suits, VHF, Sat. phone the works. I have 20 years experience commercial fishing out of Kodiak. (trying to alleviate the "don't go it's to dangerous" posts)

    Thanks for any info

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    kachemak bay

    has plenty of greenling and a few dusky rockfish over in the eldred passage area. try near grass island or between yukon and cohen.
    some black rockfish out betwen seldovia and pogibshi.
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      Not sure about this time of year, but if you go between Seldovia and Nanwalek you should be able to catch rockfish. Look for the kelp line, and tie up to a kelp bundle in an open area. Drop small to medium size jigs or spoons vertically to the bottom and work them up. Slack tides is best. Like I said, not sure about this time of year, but we used to take the kids there in the spring and summer, and would catch fish till they were tired of it. Water was fairly shallow, 25' - 50', and didnt have any issues releasing fish due to gas rupture. In fact, I'm pretty sure we caught some of those fish multiple times in a day.


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        Thanks guys

        Thanks for the replies

        It's turned pretty cold now...I'm not sure how much the little one can withstand,(hell I'm not sure about these 53 year old bones, she would probably be fine) but if it warms up just a bit We're gone.


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