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Probably a dumb question

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  • Probably a dumb question

    When I lived in Dillingham it was possible to ice fish on the Wood and
    Nushagak rivers. We even fished the tidal areas for smelt, and it was fun. I'm wondering if there are any spots on the Kenai River that are moderate enough in current to ice fish on. I was thinking Honeymoon Cove...?
    Most people might think that is crazy even for an ice fisherman, but I have been told, "the only stupid question is the one you don't ask." So cut me some slack, and tell me what you think.

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    would not do it.

    This question is one of reward vs. the risk. I would stick to ice fishing for rainbow fishing on the local lakes which can be very good. The river does freeze solid in mid to late winter but I have seen it open up with leads fairly quickly. Also, the water drops below the ice level so the river ice can collaspe on you. While you probably could get away with it if you are very careful the risk is probably not worth it. Just a thought.


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      Ice Fishing

      I would love to do some ice fishing this year. I use to ice fish for walleye, jumbo perch, and northerns, but never for rainbows.

      Where around Kenai can you ice fish, and what's the regs on tip ups?

      I don't know if my wallet can take buying anymore gear, but we'll see.
      Marc Theiler


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        Winter fun. . .


        I used to go out to Johnson Lake some years back. Did fine on rainbows, mostly pan-sized up to 16". Was sitting there once, watching the hole when some bubbles came up, quickly followed by a muskat. He took one look and a breath and disappeared back where he came from.


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          Spirit Lake

          A few years back I ice fished Spirit Lake and it was great. I did it more toward spring as the weather was nice and sunny. Fish ran 10-15 inches. I fished at the far end of the lake - opposite end from the public landing. Have not been out recently so you might want to check with ADF&G Soldotna (Larry Marsh) on how to get there - I came via snow machine but there is a road.

          Also, Johnson Lake can winter kill so it is hit or miss. I heard that this year the reduced stocking levels has resulted in most of the fish being caught. At the end of summer people were not happy.

          Sport and Scout Lake are also two other lakes with good ice fishing. I have not fished it but Loon Lake is suppose to be stocked with nice rainbows and access is easy. Again, get a map from ADF&G Soldotna.

          Hope this helps.


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            Going to Kelly or Petersen tomorrow

            I fished up there last year and couldn't keep the 6-8 inchers off my hook or from stealing my eggs. They should be pan size by now. My boy went up to Johnson today and said the ice was good.

            I do have some good places to go on the Kenai, "theilercabin", but some of them I don't advertise too much. I have all the equipment if you want to go with me some time.

            I'm still curious about the Kenai River itsellf... I may just have to try the ice by the access bridge this year and see if there are any smelt to be had


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