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  • Pinks in 2007

    From what I gather, the pink salmon runs are strongest during even numbered years. Does this general rule apply to all streams in Southcentral Alaska or are there some exceptions?

    Specifically, I'm wondering whether humpies will still return to Hope and Bird Creek next summer. These are great fisheries for entertaining out-of-state guests, novice anglers, kids and just about anyone else who simply enjoys feeling a tug on the end of their line.

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    I've gone down to Hope every year since 98 and although there seems to be a smaller run in odd years, there's still plenty of fish to enjoy.


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      You will find a few in bird next year,but not the numbers in a even year.
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        Pinks this year were great!

        The pinks this year were great on the Kenai! I caught a ton on the mid river, just about one every other cast. They also seemed to be a bit larger than normal as well.

        I never fished in Hope but I do know they will be almost non existent in the kenai next year.
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