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  • Favorite trout recipes. . .

    How about our favorite recipes for trout, grayling, and the like? Here's a simple favorite of mine to start:

    4 Trout 10"-12"
    6-8 slices of bacon

    Gut, head, and wash trout, pat dry
    Fry bacon, remove and keep warm
    Fry trout in hot bacon grease, turning once
    Salt & pepper and serve with bacon

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    That's one of my favorites! I like to take fresh dollies and filet and skin em and dip them in a beaten egg, dredge them in cornmeal and THEN do the bacon fat trick. Reminds me of many, many trips to Ptarmigan, Quartz creeks over the last 30 years.....

    works great with lakers too!


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      I gut/head them, wash thoroughly then in a zip loc bag I have a mixture of flour, salt, pepper, and lemon pepper. Put a few fish at a time in the mix and shake 'em up. Pan fry them in hot oil (I imagine the bacon grease would be great!). My kids can't get enough of them. This procedure works well with hooligan too.

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        Charles Dickens would love this fish...

        After all, the Dolly Varden was named after a colorful character in one of his novels...

        I seldom fry, but the dolly always gets my deserved attention when I stick it under the broiler. I fillet and leave the skin on, and soak my dolies in salt water before I cook or vacuum pack them.

        The only prep I do is to render chopped garlic, onion, and pickled ginger in olive oil until carmelized. Add some red pepper or pimento if you desire a little color.

        Layer this on top of the fillet and broil until crisp. Garnish with a squeeze of lemon and serve with fresh tartar. That's all it takes...

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