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100lb mono for halibut leaders

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  • 100lb mono for halibut leaders

    I have some 100lb mono and i tied up a few rigs. I got some Franko Bullet Rotators and they are to big for salmon so i thought i would play around with them for butts when i am not jigging. Is 100lb going to get cut by their teeth? Thanks for your help!

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    I've used 100# and 150# leaders. I haven't had any problems yet. Been using them for over 15 yrs. I always add a big spin-n-glow, I think it helps float the bait a little


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      I only use gangion line 350lb because I fish everyday, I would cover the mono near the hook with that rubber tubing, its great protection and they make it in lots of colors now.
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        100 pound

        You will slay the halibut with 100 pound, a bullet rotator with a single siwash hook. 1.4mm crimps if you want to do it that way.


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          I use 300# and crimp on my swivels and hooks, but no reason not to use 100#. You might find that 100# is just stiff enough that you'd rather crimp it than knot it. Just inspect your leaders periodically for cuts, and replace as needed.

          If I didn't already have a spool of 300# mono I'd use gagnon. The up side of gagnon is you can soak in herring oil to add scent, and it's limp so has a more natural action than the stiffer mono.
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            I have some gagnion line as well but it wont work with the bullet rotator head. I had a few that were to big for Salmon so i thought why not try it for Halibut.


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