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Kenai River Canyon

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  • Kenai River Canyon

    I'm going to be floating the upper kenai for a float trip for a couple of days. I know it is a very short float, but we are going to drag it out a bit. I was wondering if anybody knew of any camping spots in the canyon or at the inlet of the kenai river into Skilak lake. Also if anybody has any pictures of the canyon i would love too see them and show them to the people im floating with to get them a bit more excited. thanks for all the replies.

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    not sure about

    camping in the canyon, but there are a couple of nice camp sites at the mouth of Hidden Creek (on the Kenai). only a couple hundred yards from Skilak.


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      The canyon will be very boney.
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        I dont have any pics as im usualy on the sticks in my raft. Google earth it. It gives you a great view of the canyon and then you can scope out hidden creek and find a nice place to camp
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          How are you getting out? Are you packing your raft up Hidden Creek trail?

          I have not been down that way in a few months, but I assume Skilak is still solid ice. Maybe I'm wrong about that?



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