any updates on POW steel?



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  • any updates on POW steel?

    I'll be up the 12th-17th to my place in Coffman cove. We are all jazzed to pick up a fish or two. Lots of snow this year. Just getting to the usualy spots may be tough. Is the snow melting off yet.
    PM me if you can also fill me in on how things are fishing lately.
    Thanks very much!

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    still snow

    There is still lots of snow around .... most roads are still blocked.

    Have you fished for Steelhead that late in May?

    With extreme low water condition there hadn't been much Steelhead till the last weeks rains.
    johnnie laird


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      No action as of a week ago

      It has been dead on the Thorne. Speaking with quite a few folks in town and all say nothing has been happening. Most have been pretty shocked. We just had our first 50 degree day yesterday, and it is supposed to hit 64 next Wednesday. The 30 Road (Logjam Road) towards Gold and Galligan Lagoon is pretty open, so I assume access to Hatchery and Logjam is pretty good. You can also get back to the Staney Cabin, so I assume that most of Staney is fishable. I think most mainstem streams will be pretty good access by mid-May. Good Luck.


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