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  • sinkers

    I had the wife stop by the fishing section at wally world - she was nice and picked me up a 40ounce sinker for $20.00 - - yes, $20.......she will be taking it back.

    Where do you buy your sinkers at in/near anchorage?

    I have a lead melting pot - but no moulds....I might have to pour my own.....

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    B & J has lead for a decent price.


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      You can buy molds at sportsmans or B&J's. B&J's also has the brass eyes for the sinkers too. If you have the melting pot you good to go. I have used tier weights before, they are usually fairly cheep. Good luck.
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        I purchased a bunch of sinkers from this guy. He was real nice to do business with. Gave me a discount because I am a NACO member. I think I paid $1.40 a pound plus shipping at $10 for 70 pounds.


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          I have some molds you could possibly borrow in exchange for making a few sinkers for me...


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            If you're using a bottom pour bullet casting furnace, you might find it just doesn't flow fast enough for the large sinkers. I use a ss pot over a colman stove and a 2# ladle to fill the molds.

            Both Hilts and do-it make sinker and sinker and jig molds. Hilts does a better job of covering the larger size molds. You can either get them direct, occasionally you find them on line, or you might find a deal on flea bay.

            Now if you can just find a good source of a couple pounds of pure lead. Wheelweights make great bullets, but don't work as well for sinkers and jigs due to the way they fill out the mold, and tend to crumble when you drop them still hot out of the mold.
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              I bought some 2, 3, and 5 lb rock-cod style molds off ebay for between 20 and 30 bucks each. I've melted about 100 lbs of wheel weights so far and they are working out great. Just be sure to use alot of flux and really clean the lead up before pouring. I have been using paraffin wax from our local hardware store and it floats the crap out of the lead pretty well.


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                after fluxing add tin and your moulds will fill out better....I am going to check out B&J's this weekend for the eyes and maybe a mould or two.

                i have some pure lead also - a couple hundred pounds of lino, ww, and pure..I only want a couple sinkers worth...

                I use a ladel for pouring...not 2#er though..


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