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    Plans are made - August 2-10 will be on POW looking for things to do. Have a guided two day trip out of Klawock scheduled.
    Then will run the roads to see what we can see. Suggestions on where to go and what to see would be appreciated -- Maybe tidal pools, road fishing and where we might possibly see a few bears, etc?
    Can't wait, feel like a 6 year old two days before Christmas:eek:.

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    Whale Pass

    The summer man made Coho run will be going up at Neck Creek at Whale Pass ...

    Go up to El Cap and look at the Cave.

    There should be Pink Salmon starting into most of the systems ... so the Bear will be fishing. Look in late evenings.

    There are Totem parks in Klawock and Hydaburg ... tread lightly if you go down Hydaburg way.

    There should be some Trout fishing in the Sarkar system if you can get a canoe it's lots of fun or maybe over Luck Lake ... that's on the Coffman Cove loop.

    I offer a Canoe adventure on the Sarkar system ... if you would like to go tent out for a night or two. Or some Guided stream fishing .....
    johnnie laird


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